Unmanned Aerial Systems

This page contains information about the Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) STEM Project. You are encouraged to be creative and safe in their experiences with UAS. The project area is broken out into two categories, scratch built UAS and purchased UAS. Scratch built UASs are not built from a commercially available kit and require youth to design and construct them showing maximum creativity which is the focus for this category. The purchased UAS category allows youth to purchase or reuse a UAS kit and demonstrate a practical application of UAS technology. The focus for the purchased UAS category is on the practical application of UAS.

State Fair Forms (2020)

**** Posters, Display Boards, & Notebooks, No additional exhibit information is required; no manila envelope is needed for these exhibits.  All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. All other exhibits need the additional information included in a manila envelope. Displays, notebooks and posters have been combined into one score sheet for all divisions. There will be no robotics challenge in 2019. The GPS/GIS program has been suspended and youth are encouraged to integrate GPS/GIS activities into other Kansas 4-H projects. An example would be using GPS/GIS in conjunction with the UAS program for mapping invasive species.

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Helpful Information

All youth participating in the UAS program should be aware of FAA Requirements for UASs and if operating a UAS follow all laws and regulations.

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